Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Miami

If you are planning to visit the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Miami, then you probably need some changes done around your face. Maybe it’s the tip of your nose that bothers you or probably you want to reduce the nasal bump or hump that hides the best features of your face. A visit to the best rhinoplasty surgeon may also be triggered by the desire to straighten your crooked nose or narrow your wide nose.

Regardless of the reason, visiting the best rhinoplasty surgeon will help to eliminate breathing problems associated with some of issues above and restore the much needed confidence. Once you walk out of the operation, people will no longer concentrate on your “bad features” but they will appreciate your beauty.

Here are pre-op recommendations you should know before going under the knife.

  1. Research! Research! Research!

Before stepping into the office of the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Miami, it is important to research and have a concept of what the good surgeon should modify to make you look great. Thanks to technology, your work has already been cut out for you. Unlike in the past when you relied on a family member or friend to have some work done in order for you to know if the good surgeon is worth it or not, today, all you need is to visit the cosmetic surgeon’s website.

Here, you will find thousands of pictures that include celebrities, models and the common folk. The pictures will have a pre and post-op look giving you an idea of what to expect. Once you have a concept in mind, visit the good surgeon and have an open and honest discussion.

  1. Work with a certified and honest surgeon

You all heard the stories. How a client walked into a cosmetic surgeon’s office with the goal of correcting a crooked nose or narrow a wide nose only to end up with a botched surgical operation. In such a case, there are several reasons that may have contributed to this.

For starters, as the patient, you failed to perform due diligence and get to know if the “cosmetic surgeon” was licensed, skilled, certified and experienced before going under the knife. Secondly, you probably never had any open and honest discussion about the procedure. Lastly, your cosmetic surgeon never took the opportunity to show you photos of his or her past patients thus giving you the confidence that the op will have great results.

If you find a certified and honest cosmetic surgeon, they will take 10 minutes of their time to explain to you, your family members and friends what will happen once you are in the operating room. A quick rundown of the equipment to be used plus a brief introduction of the supporting staff members will be done.

  1. Enlist the help of family members and friends

It is very important to ensure that you are not alone when you walk into the office of the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Miami. Enlisting the help of family members and friends especially for the first two days and nights will ensure that you have confidence to undergo the procedure.

During pre-op, your family and friends will ensure that you are at the hospital a few hours before the operation. When having an open and honest discussion with your cosmetic surgeon, they will be there to support and calm you down.

When it comes to post-op, they can help to fetch beverages and soft foods to keep you satisfied. Furthermore, they should have plenty of lip balm at hand because your mouth will get dry from breathing after the operation.

Lastly, family and friends can help to keep track of when you took your meds. Furthermore, they will drive you to and from the operation keeping you safe all the way.

  1. Always ask your surgeon to take pictures

One of the best ways to ease a patient’s pre and post-op anxiety is by taking pictures. Thanks to technology, you may find out that the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Miami uses three dimensional imaging. That’s great but you should also request the traditional two-dimensional photos un-photoshopped. Why un-photoshopped?

You need to have a realistic picture of yourself that clearly shows your crooked nose, your wide nose, birth defects or your lengthy nose tip. Cosmetic surgeons are known to maintain a large database of pictures which helps to demonstrate the changes patients have undergone.

These pictures may be captured over a period of 1 week to 2 weeks to give the patient and future patients a realistic picture of what to expect once they are wheeled into the operating room. The time may also extend to the first year giving you a clear image of your transformation.

  1. Keep in mind the following instructions

Do not eat or drink after midnight on the day the operation is scheduled. This includes water, coffee and tea. Avoid chewing gum too. Instead brush your teeth the morning before the procedure. Don’t swallow any water when rinsing your mouth. The reason you should follow the instructions above is to avoid lung problems or aspiration pneumonia. This leads to death. In case the surgeon finds out that you failed to comply with one of the rules above, he or she is obligated to cancel the procedure.

You should avoid taking over the counter medicine or non prescription medicine two weeks before the surgery. This includes all herbs, vitamins, homeopathic treatments which have not been prescribed by any doctor. Avoid the following illegal drugs:

  • Heroin
  • LSD
  • Speed
  • Crack
  • Cocaine
  • Meth

When it comes to medical marijuana, consult your doctor before the procedure. Using any of the above medications will result in death as a result of drug induced complications. Furthermore, they can ruin the end results of the surgery. Talk with your cosmetic surgeon about prescribed drugs.

Avoid smoking or using tobacco two weeks before and two weeks after the procedure. Smoking or using tobacco products has been found to lead to skin death, slow wound healing and skin loss. Furthermore, you may end up having permanent deforming scars which will ruin the end results. Smoking does increase the chances of coughing during and after the procedure. This may lead to unwanted bleeding.

When it comes to alcohol, avoid it two weeks before and two weeks after the procedure. Alcoholic drinks you should avoid include beer and wine among others. The reason you should do so is to prevent complications during the operation. Furthermore, alcohol hinders the anesthetic medicine from doing its work and may lead to excessive bleeding.

Don’t forget to purchase the following supplies:

  • Saline nasal spray
  • Vaseline ointment
  • Stool softener
  • Cotton pad
  • Cold compresses

Final Thoughts

Before you visit the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Miami, be well prepared for the operation as well as the healing process. Being prepared helps to ensure that you get to avoid the many complications discussed above as well as improve the chances of having great results.

Avoid excessive sun exposure before the surgical operation and don’t wear clothes that need to be pulled over your face or head. Instead, wear loose dresses, a blouse which zips or buttons down the front and slacks. Put on SPF 30 or higher to avoid getting sun burn a week before the operation.

Don’t wear any jewelry, make-up or contact lenses. Remove all piercings on the day of the operation.

On the day of your surgery, you will receive a call from the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Miami. He or she will inform you the exact time to report at the hospital. If no call has been made to you by noon, call the pre-op nurse immediately!

We want you to have a pleasant experience!